Chocolate's Chocolates

Owned By:

Chocolate Sare (1993-2009) Whity Sare (2009-2011) Chocolate Sare (2011-2012) Creamy Sare (2013-Present)

Operated By:

Creamy Sare

First Opened:

May 15th, 1993


Central Catsville

Manager History:

(1993-2007) - Browny Sare (2008-2009) - Chocolate Sare (2009-2012) - George (Maine Coon/Tabby) (2013-2015) - Shelly (Tabby cat) (2016-2017) Daisy (2016-2017) Aurora (2017-present) Sunflower (2017-present) Misty

Cashier Service

Chocolate Sare (1993-2009) Cookie Sare (2007-2012) Joston (2010-2013) Henry (2013-2017) Cow Cow (2012-2017) Creamy Sare (2013-2017) Sweetie Pie (2018-Present) Panda (2018-Present) Chloe (2018-Present)

Chocolate's Chocolates is a chocolate shop located in Central Catsville. It was owned by Chocolate Sare between 1993-2007 and Whity C. Sare from 2009-2011. it was closed during 2008. In 2013, Chocolate died of old age and gave the chocolate shop to Creamy Sare.

Opening Edit

Like many original features of Central Catsville, Chocolate's Chocolates opened in 1993, however Catsville has been around way longer before. Chocolate's Chocolates/is also an original feature in Catsville.

Closure Edit

At the end of The Catsville Stories, Chocolate left to go to Hollycat to persue an acting career, leaving Chocolate's Chocolates temporarily closed, however in 2009 evuntally it was re-opened.

Re-Opening Edit

Chocolate's Chocolates re-opened in 2011.

It is open every day (CV Local) from 8:00 am - 10:00 pm,

In 2013, Chocolate passed away due to old age and gave the shop ownership to Creamy Sare who now owns it.