Gaudet Studios is the first, according to Nickoli Gaudet TV Studios in Catsville. It is owned by Nickoli Gaudet. It is currently located in Central Catsville. It is not present in the The Catsville Stories, however it is present in the sequal/seminar, The NEW Catsville Stories.


Gaudet Studios is currently located on 123 Gaudet Road, and is a white building with gold text saying:


This building is now located on former ground that was formelly unoccupied, it has been Gaudet Studios as of November 12th, 2009.


The studios formally produced The Catsville Show, a show based on the reality sieres, The Catsville Show was not renewed for a 4th season.  The studios is also producing KP Racers as well as The Truth Reveals. The latter being produced by Pearl Marchi. The other is produced by Bella Marchi. It also produced the Ama Lama: African Adventure movie. Currently the studio is home to the hidden-camera reality show Meowsers taped at the studios. Also, the studio also films interior shots of the tv show 'ON THE ROAD AGAIN' starring Michael Benson and Mike Sare as themselves.