Mineo's Snak Shak

Owned By:

Nickoli Gaudet

First Opened:

May, 2010

Mineo's Snak Shak is a cafe and/or diner built by euntripunear Nickoli Gaudet. It opened in April, 2010. It is the the 2nd cafe in Catsville next to Zirroco's Cafe owned by Whity C. Sare.


Mineo's Snak Shak is known for being a diner themed cafe located next to arleady existent Chocolate's Chocolates, built since 1993. It is on the former site of Vanilla And One Eye's Restaurant.

North Catsville Version

Nickoli announced in January, 2012 that a North Catsville version of Mineo's would be open in Feb, 2012. It is now open.