a cat who owns Nickoli Gaudet is the current owner of Caliente GatosMineo's Snak Shak, Gaudet Studios. and Saspali's, a steak house. He also previousilly owned Zirroco's Restaurant & Bar, before Whity C. Sare took control. Gaudet

Nickoli seen near Kids City.

Studios also produces The Catsville Show, a show based on the March 2009 - June 2009 time period. You can access Nickoli by emailing her at Starting November 2011, Nickoli along with her owner moved to La Honda, Nickoli says the reason was because it was strictly cattitude. In Febeuary, 2012 Nickoli moved to Sacramento, CA leaving her past owner in La Honda. Nickoli says that this will not affect her business in Catsville.

Early Life

Nickoli Gaudet was adopted into Liz Gaudet's home in late 2007. But in late 2009, Nickoli moved to Catsville to make Caliente Gatos for the first time.

Gaudet Studios

Gaudet Studios, is a tv studios and the first to be located in Central Catsville. Shows produced include The Catsville Show and El Catara

Personality & Traits

Nickoli is often stubborn and two faced, but knows when it comes to business, that business is first. Nickoli's claim to fame was when Caliente Gatos became a hit, but after that, continued to make success in Catsville. \

Businesses Nickoli Owns (As of 2016)

NICKOLI's Hotel and Spa

Caliente Gatos

Gaudet Studios (not necessary a business, but a tv studios)

GaudetTV - A Tv channel named after Nickoli.


Mineo's Snak Shak

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