Vanilla And One Eye's Restaurant

Owned By:

Vanilla and One Eye

First Opened:


First Closed:


Replaced By:

Mineo's Snak Shak

Vanilla And One Eye's Restaurant was a restaurant co-owned by Vanilla Sare and One Eye Sare in Central Catsville, it was open between 2004 and 2007. It included a gift shop and it was american themed. It was on the location where Mineo's Snak Shak is currently at.


Vanilla And One Eye's Restaurant opened in 2004, as the current name, Vanilla ran the restaurant while One Eye ran the gift shop.

Vanilla's DeathEdit

In 2006, Vanilla Sare died of Feline Luckimia, Chocolate tried to run the business and kept it open for one more year, but was forced to close it when One Eye was killed in 2007.


Out of forcehold, Chocolate, with no one in mind after One Eye's death, the place closed one year later. For years the site sat useless and motionless, until it was bought and destroyed by Nickoli Gaudet. Nickoli now owns Mineo's Snak Shak, which uses the land that Vanilla And One Eye's Restaurant once sat on.