Whity Towers & Spa is a hotel, currently owned by Whity C. Sare, it currently hosts the new cafe, Zirroco's Cafe. It also in the past hosted previous restaurants such as Le Bella Gato and the casino, Le Casin. (1993-1999) and is currently located in Central Catsville. It's previous names include Whity's Whitish Whiter White Hotel and Whity Towers. Whity as of 2010, also built a pool known as Whites Pool. It is commonly known as Whites.

First Appearnance

Whity Towers like the rest of Catsville first apeared, in the 1993 version of catsville. Back then, the hotel was named Whity's Whitish White Whiter Hotel, it was renamed to Whity Towers for a quicker reference.

Le Bella Gato

The first restaurant, in the hotel was Le Bella Gato, serving italian food. It was an old restaurant and it was small. Next door was the now defunct Le Casin. Le Casin was then torn out to expand Le Bella Gato, in 1999.

Le Blonk Charmo

The location, was then much bigger, and hosted italian restaurant Le Blonk Charmo, Le Blonk Charmo was hosted there from 2008-late 2009. (Le Bella Gato, 1993-2008). It was closed down at the end of 2009, due to poor business. The building that once hosted Le Blonk Charmo currently hosts, Zirroco's Cafe. Which is built at the location where Le Blonk Charmo was located at. These changes were part of the Whity 2010 Expansion Plan, which was said to be done by Spring or Summer 2010.

Name Changes

These are the following name changes:

1993-2008/2009 (Whity's Whitish Whiter White Hotel)

2009-2011 Whity Towers

2012-Present - Whity Towers & Spa


Whity Towers & Spa includes two pools, Whites Pool (opened in 2010), and Whites Club Pool (Opened in 2012).


The Whity Expansion 2011, also known as Plan WHITY, started in Jan, 2011 and was done in April, 2012. Features include a secondary pool known as Whites Club Pool and another restaurant known as Lemoro's American Foodhouse, featuring geuinine food. Whity has even expanded building a Whity Towers (Whitestuff Island), on whitestuff island.